Are you interested in Japanese market?

Japan is Asia’s high-tech powerhouse and the world’s third largest global economy. The good news for those Looking for to do business with Japan is that Japanese consumers have high levels of disposable income and they are eager to use foreign products and services.

Our Services

Trade business

We search for great products from around the world and import those that are not yet available in Japan. First, we use crowdfunding to conduct market research, and then we develop wholesale sales at mass retailers and online general sales to reach as many people as possible.

Web Production / Marketing

We are involved in design, web production, social media marketing, and advertising agency services to maximize the appeal of products and services.

Why us?

We will arrange for sales in Japan.

For example, arrange for inspections to comply with Japanese law, logistics arrangements for domestic deliveries, public relations activities.

We have relationships with retailers.

For example, in E-commerce,, Rakuten, Yahoo!, in real stores, Yodobashi, Bic, Hands, Loft and so on.

We care about CX (Customer Experience).

By providing a pleasant experience throughout the entire process from purchase to use of the product, we can expect to create fans and increase purchase opportunities through real word-of-mouth.

About us

Luce Global will continue to provide great products and services to enrich our daily lives.
Luce means “light” or “brilliance” in Spanish, and we have incorporated this into our company name to express our desire to provide products and services that add light and brilliance to people’s lives.

I have started a trading business, utilizing my experience in corporate sales, marketing, website development and web advertising, and project management.

Since we are part of Mr. Otake’s team, who is well versed in the import business, we are able to develop our business in an optimal way with various supports.


Hideaki Otake 


The leading influencer for the product sales-based crowdfunding in Japan and the official Makuake evangelist.

We had produced a total of 700 crowdfunding projects amounting to over 1.8 billion yen.

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